VIP Message Board-Houston, TX
VIP Message Board-Houston, TX

VIP Message Board-Houston, TX

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Celebrate your special day by displaying your message on the massive stadium screen during the event.  Tell everyone it’s your birthday, thank that special person, tell a driver good luck from you!  It’s your message on display to all in attendance!  

Your message will play during intermission. This purchase does not require check-in at the event.


  • Your special personal message throughout the venue on the BIG screen!! 
  • Message to appear during intermission – exact time may vary by show.
  • Messages that include advertising, business names and/or inappropriate content will not be accepted.
  • Purchasers will receive a text message just before the message is played.
  • The approximate time for this experience is 8:00 p.m. on Saturday
  • Limited to 140 characters.


  • The personal message submitted with customer’s purchase is subject to review by Feld Motor Sports.  Feld Motor Sports reserves the right to refuse to display any message and cancel the corresponding order for any reason, including if any message includes advertising, business names and/or inappropriate content.
  • By submitting a personal message, the customer represents and warrants that the customer and Feld Motor Sports are authorized to publicly display such message and all names and content therein, and that displaying such message will not violate any third-party rights. 
  • Exact message boards and placements may vary by venue and show; venue-wide placement is not guaranteed. Times may be subject to change.  
  • Customer certifies that he/she has permission to provide the name and cell phone number for the designated Point of Contact, and that such designated person has consented to serve as the Point of Contact, to attend and check in for the experience, and to receive details and updates by phone / text message. 
  • Customer will receive a confirmation email following purchase. The designated Point of Contact will receive a text message notification before the personal message airs. If the designated Point of Contact changes, please contact 800 755 4421 (M-F 9am-4pm EST)/  Message and data rates may apply.
  • Feld Motor Sports will not have any responsibility or liability associated with any incorrect contact information, telephone or internet service delays or errors, or any customer or Point of Contact’s inability or failure to properly communicate with Feld Motor Sports or experience participants. Please see our Know Before You Go page for general VIP Experience rules, details and recommendations. Failure to comply with these Things To Know and Feld Motor Sports VIP Experience rules may result in removal from the premises without any refund.
  • The VIP Experiences that are available at are official and the only VIP experiences and access opportunities offered at Monster Jam.
  • This VIP Experience is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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